What Is My Inner Power?

Hey Let me ask you a question.

What do you do when you are angry at someone? how do you react to such situations?

I know this will make you sit and think for a while.

According to surveys conducted we have concluded that,

There are people who in the heat of that moment,what ever they find nearby they throw things on the ground or on people.

There are people who scream or shout at the top of their voice. (Especially this happens in the case of women because their voices are high pitched)

And there are people who stay calm but not from inside but from outside. (they are " I’m going to take revenge kind of people")

So these just 3 type that I have found out but there are many ,but lets just stick to 3.

So why this is happening??

Is it because we have no control over our emotions? Why are the crime rate cases rising day by day?

Because of revenge, fear, argument between two people goes to another level that it leads to physical assaulting.

Is this because you express too much?

It is always good to express how you are feeling but if its not in control then situations turns out to be wild and unruly.

Nowadays what is happening ?

Our thinking and action is depended on the other persons behavior. How other person will respond depending on that I will react or deal with my emotions.

In this case the POWER is in whose hands?


This shows you are completely Powerless.

So how can we get our power back? That’s when INNER POWER comes to the picture.

What is Inner power??

We all have heard about Power of Position , Power of Money.

Inner Power is the only power of authority we have. It’s there in each and everyone of us.

It’s the ability to keep the ball in our court.

The ability to deal with every single situation every time you feel the situation is going out of control.

I will decide what to think.

What to say

How to say it

When every thought and behavior is according to me and not according to the situation and the behavior of the other person, then the ball is in your court.

That is your INNER POWER

Let me give you an Example

Imagine If a persons' INNER POWER IS BEING COURAGEOUS. That is something he admires about in another person. But he is not confident or he doesn’t know that it’s his inner power. He gets influenced by other people because people will start mocking him saying “You are such a coward you can’t face this situation”

Then automatically he tends to be coward and that fear makes him not to face the situation.


How to find out the powerful trait of yours?

Let’s do this exercise:

  1. Think of a person you respect the most but not met.
  2. What is that one quality you admire the most about that person?

Now you must be wondering how can this identify my inner power?

Well its simple

The quality that we see in others and the one which we admire are also within us.

Lets take an example

If I say I admire Courageousness of Swami Vivekananda and my friend says he admire empathizing nature of his.Both are contradicting. But both are wonderful responses. So the quality that I see in swami Vivekananda is courageousness


I stand for being courageous.

And my friend stands for empathy.

That means My Inner power is Courage My friends’ inner power is Empathy.


What ever we give attention to it grows. If we give attention to our strength it will grow.

If I Prioritize Fear over courage then it will make me a coward person.

What I have to keep in mind is

  • Notice when I am not steady and are being influenced by others.
  • Note when I act understanding my Inner Power.
  • Notice when I am in Action.
  • Notice when I act from Inner Power.

These are the takeaways from me.Hope you will follow it and have a better living.

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